Thursday, November 8, 2012

November News: Prophetess, 2012 in Review, and an Opportunity

Good morning to all the friends of Splashdown! Welcome to our last regular update for the year - we've now finished with the 2012 publishing schedule. Let us present the year's final book...

Prophetess by Keven Newsome

The sequel to Winter is finally here! Keven and the editorial team have been hard at work all summer to bring you the action-packed continuation of Winter's story woven in both past and present.

One act of violence is not enough to fulfill Xaphan's plans. One near escape does not justify Winter's growing gift. There is more. She can feel it. The warnings swell within her. He's searching for someone. A person of promise...a person of prophecy. And Winter must find her first.

Grab it now in paperback at Amazon or Barnes & Noble, or in ebook on Kindle or Smashwords.

2012 in Review

What a schedule it's been! Ten releases: nine books and a CD, covering every genre and including brand new ventures as well as anticipated sequels. Not only Winter gained a follow-up: there was Blood and Brine by Caprice Hokstad and Reality's Fire by R. L. Copple, each completing a trilogy, and Seeking Unseen by Kat Heckenbach, book 2 of the Toch Island Chronicles. Frank Creed was new to our ranks with Devil's Hit List, but it's third in a series we adopted. New authors with debut novels this year were Diane M. Graham and Robynn Tolbert, and Greg Mitchell joined us with a new series. And of course we can't forget Avenir Eclectia, the work of 18 authors, and its very own soundtrack by Michael L. Rogers.

With the release of Prophetess we also reached the milestone of our 25th book! Don't they all look pretty...

A Splashdown Opportunity

This press has come to a point in its growth where we are in need of additional administrative assistance. We are now beginning to search for a person to fill this paid position. If accounts are your forte, perhaps along with a little marketing, and you'd like to get in on Splashdown, please email for further details.