Thursday, November 8, 2012

November News: Prophetess, 2012 in Review, and an Opportunity

Good morning to all the friends of Splashdown! Welcome to our last regular update for the year - we've now finished with the 2012 publishing schedule. Let us present the year's final book...

Prophetess by Keven Newsome

The sequel to Winter is finally here! Keven and the editorial team have been hard at work all summer to bring you the action-packed continuation of Winter's story woven in both past and present.

One act of violence is not enough to fulfill Xaphan's plans. One near escape does not justify Winter's growing gift. There is more. She can feel it. The warnings swell within her. He's searching for someone. A person of promise...a person of prophecy. And Winter must find her first.

Grab it now in paperback at Amazon or Barnes & Noble, or in ebook on Kindle or Smashwords.

2012 in Review

What a schedule it's been! Ten releases: nine books and a CD, covering every genre and including brand new ventures as well as anticipated sequels. Not only Winter gained a follow-up: there was Blood and Brine by Caprice Hokstad and Reality's Fire by R. L. Copple, each completing a trilogy, and Seeking Unseen by Kat Heckenbach, book 2 of the Toch Island Chronicles. Frank Creed was new to our ranks with Devil's Hit List, but it's third in a series we adopted. New authors with debut novels this year were Diane M. Graham and Robynn Tolbert, and Greg Mitchell joined us with a new series. And of course we can't forget Avenir Eclectia, the work of 18 authors, and its very own soundtrack by Michael L. Rogers.

With the release of Prophetess we also reached the milestone of our 25th book! Don't they all look pretty...

A Splashdown Opportunity

This press has come to a point in its growth where we are in need of additional administrative assistance. We are now beginning to search for a person to fill this paid position. If accounts are your forte, perhaps along with a little marketing, and you'd like to get in on Splashdown, please email for further details.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

October News: Avenir Eclectia, Devil's Hit List, and Free Ebook

Kia Ora folks! October's a VERY busy one for us here at Splashdown, not least because "here" is constantly changing. I'm sending this to you from Illinois, but just in the last two weeks I've also been in Colorado, Iowa, Oklahoma and Missouri. And in that time we've had two awesome new releases, so let's get onto those first!

Yes, it's finally here! Two years in the making, with seventeen authors and 137 stories, the very first Avenir Eclectia collection has hit the streets. You'll recognise many of the names from our Splashdown novelists' lineup, and there are plenty of new faces too. With 20 interior illustrations by Michael L. Rogers and an encyclopedia section at the back, this volume provides an ideal doorway into the Avenir Eclectia world. And if you've been following along at, here's a great way to keep track of all your favourite stories. They've been arranged by Travis Perry into a new order that makes it easy to follow each thread. We've been able to keep the price really low even though this is comparable to a mid-size novel.

Avenir Eclectia Volume 1 - Paperback $5.98 (or 4 for the price of 3!)
Avenir Eclectia Volume 1 - Kindle $2.99
Avenir Eclectia Soundtrack by Michael L. Rogers - CD $15.00 or $8.99 on MP3.

Human settlement in the harshest of places. The Avenir: once a generational ship, now a crowded residential station and dominating force over a hard, broken world. Its people have nearly forgotten distant Earth, its wizards ponder the mysteries of the universe, its orphans suffer and beg, while the aristocrats live the high life. Eclectia: the highly unstable planet far below, pulled by its heavy moons into a fast wobble, its crust fractured and tormented with frequent earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. Miners and bug hunters eke out an existence through the grit and extreme seasons. The lucky ones live in undersea colonies, where submarines connect cities in the depths. The oceans teem with telepathic life everyone calls "angels." Sheba and Quatermain, the fractured and molten moons of Eclectia, are settled by miners and spacers, while merchants and smugglers ply their trades. For most, survival is an everyday question. Multi-author microfiction gives a many-faceted view of the future.

Devil's Hit List by Frank Creed is a cyberpunk adventure like no other...

The hottest new thing on the street isn't a drug-it's a virtual reality experience that makes crack cocaine look like cotton candy. There is, however, one side-effect: it's lethal. When the One State contracts the Ash Corporation to produce Virtual-e, a highly addictive entertainment intended to reduce global population levels, Calamity Kid and his crew are tasked to stop its production in North America. But how far can the Underground heroes get when battling the combined forces of global government and mega-corporation?

Ebook Specials This Month!

From October 10th to 14th, Finding Angel by Kat Heckenbach will be FREE on Kindle, and reduced from its regular price to $3.99 after that.

For the month of October, Star of Justice by Robynn Tolbert is just $2.99 - for our biggest book ever!

And in preparation for the November release of Keven Newsome's explosive sequel Prophetess, Winter book 1 is now also $3.99. 

If you need an e-reader format other than Kindle, just let us know and we'll sort that out for you - but only while each promotion is live!

Thanks for your support, and happy reading!

Monday, September 3, 2012

September News 2012

Kia Ora, everyone!

A busy July meant that August was quiet on the book front here at Splashdown, but there's all the more going on now! First up, our new release:

Seeking Unseen by Kat Heckenbach
The anticipated sequel to Finding Angel is here!

It may be Angel's wish...but it's Melinda's journey. It's been two years since Angel learned the magic chip of wood inside her locket would grant any wish. What is taking her so long to choose? An alarming discovery about her beloved foster brother Zack makes the decision easy...but everything else gets complicated after she runs into her old friend Melinda, who demands to go along for the return to Toch Island. 

Melinda doesn't fit in with the magical freaks any more than she did with the losers back in Florida, but she never wanted to belong before. A secret world surrounds her where even the bugs have magic... She's more of an outsider than ever. So when ex-con Doran Ashe slinks out of the shadows and offers her an easy road to powers of her own, Melinda follows him despite-or maybe because of-everyone's warnings. 

Grab it now - a fantasy treat for young adult readers!

Seeking Unseen on Kindle - $6.99

Three Splashdown titles available through Kindle Select

That's tomorrow, folks! So get over there and grab 'em while they're hot!

R.L. Copple's Reality's Dawn is also available from now until October 15th as a free borrow for Amazon Prime members. Like what you read? He has two other books in the same series. Check them out.

Splashdown's First Blog Tours

The first Splashdown Books Blog Tour roared through July with satisfying results. What? You missed it? Go here to start your trip through multi-dimensional space with Greg Mitchell, author of Rift Jump, as he showcases his debut novel.

The next tour featured Faith Awakened, the first novel of our own Space Kiwi Grace Bridges. Here's the central hub to find the interviews, excerpts and videos of this tour. 

Avenir is coming!

Later this month, as promised, Avenir Eclectia Volume 1 arrives with all the intensity you could want from micro-fiction in book form. We'll be sending out a short special announcement when this becomes available around mid-September. In the meantime, keep up with story developments at

Arrival in Ten, Nine, Eight...

Grace has crossed the pond. Eager fans, writers and groupies have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of the Irish Kiwi with a German Twist on her whirlwind 20 States Tour. We'll keep you posted as this world traveler travels our world for far too short a time. The tour plan is here and the photo albums are here (Canada) and here (Eastern states so far)

That's it for now. Never fear. We'll keep you up to date on breaking Splashdown news. In the meanwhile, sit back and enjoy a good book. We have plenty!

Faith Awakened blog tour central

Hang on, I hear you say. That's an OLD book!
It sure is. Five years old. But the Splashdown Blog Tour is a brand new idea, so we'll be touring our older titles in between new releases. As the captain of this-here ship, it's only fair that I should lead by example. It was fun putting together all the bits and pieces for everyone, and here's where to find them...

Mariah All Alone - hosted by R. L. Copple
Geeking Out - hosted by Diane M. Graham
Testing the System - hosted by Frank Creed
The Wedding Night that Wasn't - hosted by Caprice Hokstad

A Vision of the Real and Unreal - with Travis Perry
Early days of writing, my themes and style - with Kat Heckenbach
The Splashdown basics - with Fred Warren
Indepth Interview with Greg Mitchell
The Faith Awakened Video Campaign - with Robynn Tolbert
The Music of Faith Awakened - with Keven Newsome

(Please excuse the lateness of this post. It's been kinda busy...)

Thursday, July 5, 2012

July 2012

Kia Ora, Everyone!

Winter is in full swing in the Southern Hemisphere and Summer heat blazes in the North. What could be better than snuggling up with a good book and a blanket or by the poolside? Yes, we have just the book.

New Release from Splashdown Darkwater:
Rift Jump by Greg Mitchell

The day Michael Morrison died was the day his life began.

A sinister threat is growing in the void between realities, and Michael has been recruited to stop it. Ripped from his own violent life, he is sent rift jumping to other worlds seeking out the agents of the Dark and putting them to an end by any means necessary. The love of his life, Sara, joins him as he battles Civil War space ships, sea serpents, superpowered humans, and even his own duplicate from a parallel timeline.
But the darkness he fights is growing within him too, calling him to the same destiny as every other Michael from every other world. If he is to change his fate, he must learn to love, to forgive, to trust, and to let the man in the Stetson guide him to become the warrior of the Light he was always meant to be.
Rift Jump is now available. Grab it now at Amazon or B&N (Paperback), Kindle, and all ebook formats at Smashwords. Other outlets to follow. 

Splashdown's First Darkwater release, Winter...

is now available as an audiobook at Kindle, Audible and iTunes. Want to know more? Read the interview with voice actress Lindsey Zana and another at Magical Ink where Keven talks about the process of making it, and more.

Summer Extravaganza from Caprice Hokstad

Caprice has joined the spirit of the season with a Summer giveaway designed to make your poolside experience book friendly. What do a waterproof e-reader cover, a giant-sized tote and a reuseable water bottle have in common? They could be yours!
Check out the rules at her blog, but enter now! Contest entry deadline is July 5, so don't delay!

The Silliest Contest Ever

Have you seen it? You haven't seen it? How can you not have seen it? Go see it!
I'm not kidding. Splashdown authors Keven and Diane prove that there's more to them than writing.
While you're at it, read the books. They're much better than the dancing.
I promise.

And the winners... who may or may not be as silly as the contest. 
1st Place – Crystal Serrano. Wins a Kindle Touch, fully loaded with the Prize List.
2nd Place – Timothy Ward. Wins the entire Prize List of electronic books.
3rd Place – Ralene Burke. Wins her choice of 5 electronic books from the Prize List.
4th Place – Tim George. Wins his choice of 2 electronic books from the Splashdown Books catalog.
5th Place – Becky Milstead. Wins her choice of 1 electronic book from the Splashdown Books catalog.

Coming Soon 

Autumn Tour

Summer and Winter just arrived, but Fall is coming to the USA, and so is Splashdown publisher Grace Bridges!
Less than one month to go until Grace sets off on her epic journey: 20 stops in 20 states over 4+ months.
Stay tuned for information on conference panels and writing/publishing seminars in Georgia, Colorado and Kansas. Maybe more. Are you keen to help set something up?
Here's your chance to meet the Irish Kiwi with a German Twist, the Queen Alien, the Space Kiwi, yea, even the Wise-Word-Bird, Grace Bridges, in the flesh/scales/feathers.
Don't miss it. Itinerary details HERE.

Avenir Eclectia Volume 1

Have you subscribed to the micro-fiction world of Avenir Eclectia in your inbox? Multiple authors of multiple story lines, each small enough to read in a few minutes yet big enough to chew on for hours.

Well, that world will soon be available in book form.
Stay tuned.

To sum up...Enter Caprice's contest, watch The Silliest Dance Video ever, and order Greg Mitchell's new release Rift Jump and Keven Newsome's Winter audio.
That should get you through whatever season your July falls in.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

June's News

Kia Ora! 

Whew! Where did May go? No matter. June brings new and exciting events to Splashdown waters. Read on!

New Release

Book Three of The Reality Chronicles

The Day shall declare the reality revealed by fire...

Destinies are forged in the dark night of the soul. Kaylee and Nathan pursue a zombified Crystal to rescue her soul if they can. A vision of death propels their mother, Gabrielle, to chase them in order to prevent its fulfillment. Her wizard friend, Josh, accompanies her to keep his promise to protect her. A mysterious religious leader wants to seduce Kaylee to violate her morals. And a demonic being seeks to bury the reality of the ring through temptation and deceit. Through their twisting journeys, each encounters their destiny. Including the ring.

...Reality's Fire is revealed, and no soul can hide from its judgment.

Reality's Fire is currently available for purchase at the usual places. Click over to Splashdown Bookshop for more information and links.  

Now Available

She joined the knighthood for the scholarship program.

A thwarted assassination attempt drags Caissa Ocren into a secret war between elemental spirits and dragon worshippers. More accustomed to solving puzzles than wielding swords, she undergoes a crash course in survival from a mercenary minstrel, a shape-shifting druid, and a legendary spirit warrior. An ancient book may hold the answers she seeks, but understanding requires the memories of a wizard. With time against her, Caissa faces the hardest lesson of all—how to serve when the cost is her life.

Available for purchase at Amazon, Kindle Store, Barnes & Noble and Smashwords. Click over to Splashdown Bookshop for more information and links.

Bragging Rights 

Two Splashdown releases took silver medals in the Next Generation Indie Book Awards: the speculative anthology Aquasynthesis and YA fantasy Finding Angel

 Congrats to the authors of Splashdown Books and Kat Heckenbach! 

...and speaking of bragging rights...

Two Splashdown authors are engaged in a Brag-Off this very moment. Who will win and who will dance and sing the wonders of the other on YouTube? 
You can just bet that link will be posted here. Stay tuned...  


Splashdown Books publisher Grace Bridges attended the unConventional Speculative Fiction conference in Auckland last weekend and got herself elected Padawan to the President of writers' group Speculative Fiction New Zealand.

We always knew she was going places. Weird, weird places. And her Tribbles are going with her.

Coming Soon

Keep your eyes open. New book releases coming all year, including Splashdown's first non-fiction book (shhh. It's still a secret)! But before that, look for something new from our Darkwater paranormal line, plus another exciting anthology.

That's it for June, folks. Busy, busy, busy down here at the bottom of the world, but we plan to keep you on top of it all.

God's blessings.

Monday, April 2, 2012

April's News

Kia ora everyone!
This month there's sad with our happy, but I'll get to that in a bit.
Fantasy season is in full swing...

What should be a season of rejoicing over Duke Vahn's newly-recovered son is overshadowed by fear of an uncertain future. Vahn's brother, King Arx, expands the war with neighboring Ganluc, while enemies at home seek to shatter the Rebono dynasty forever. Strained relations between royal twins harden into cold suspicion and treasonous accusations while a deadly plague sweeps across the land.

As the royal bloodline is torn asunder, two races, the Elva and Itzi, discover that only together can they stop the plague and restore their unraveling kingdom.

Blood and Brine by Caprice Hokstad is out now wherever you like to buy books online. The paperback is an extra special price of $11.98 - that's right, a good-sized book at our small price level!

Paperback: Amazon - B&N
Ebook: Kindle - Smashwords (all formats including Nook; Nook at B&N is on the way)

Next up on our schedule is Star of Justice by Robynn Tolbert. This is a beautiful and massive book, just the thing for you epic fantasy fans to dig into. Above is a preview of work on the front cover, created by our own Keven Newsome. Look out for its release next month!

She joined the knighthood for the scholarship program...

A thwarted assassination attempt drags Caissa Ocren into a secret war between elemental spirits and dragon worshippers. More accustomed to solving puzzles than wielding swords, she undergoes a crash course in survival from a mercenary minstrel, a shape-shifting druid, and a legendary spirit warrior. An ancient book may hold the answers she seeks, but understanding requires the memories of a wizard. With time against her, Caissa faces the hardest lesson of all—how to serve when the cost is her life.

Right now you can get "A Stretch of Time" by Grace Bridges for FREE on Smashwords - in PDF, Kindle and Nook format, among others. In this Kiwi-flavoured short story, a Maori grandmother passes a mystical gift to her grandchild. I hope you enjoy it! Click here for your free copy.

We've never lost a Splashdown author before. So it is with great grief that I have to tell about the passing of Walt Staples just three weeks ago. A staunch team member, top contributor to Avenir Eclectia, and narrator of Aquasynthesis, he also did many other things behind the scenes and encouraged us at every opportunity.

In his honour, Aquasynthesis will be a free download this month. Please pass the link around your friends if you can.

Thanks for reading! We'll see you 'round.


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Splashdown News, February 2012

Kia Ora!

Splashdown Books is ready to dive right into the deep end in 2012. This promises to be one of our most exciting swims yet and we are glad you've decided to join us. The water looks fine and the sun is shining bright. Take off your shoes and stay a while.

To start this year's swim we have Diane M Graham readying from the high-dive.

Open your heart and mind to the simplicity and complexity of a name.
I know only my name. Beyond that is confusion, a void where fantasy and reality swirl together. Fairies, Giants, Elves, Dwarves, ancient Keepers, and...Dragons?

A dark soul threatens the Five Kingdoms, but I am powerless to stand against him, overwhelmed by phantom memories, broken and lost.

Somehow, I must live. I must find my purpose. There are friends to love and battles to fight.

I know my name. Perhaps that is enough.

I am Ocilla.

This is my story.

A note from Di: A writer’s life is often said to be a lonely life. But any Christian writer knows this isn’t so. God walks with us from the time He plants the seed of inspiration, through the countless hours of writing, rewriting,editing and then sometimes rewriting again. He sends helpers. We tend to never feel our work is fully complete. Another sweep, just one more time to make sure all the T’s are crossed and all the I’s are dotted. But there comes a time when He tells us it is time to show our work to the world. He holds our hand while we walk to the edgeof the gaping chasm known as publication and He tells us to jump.


You turn right and left and see all the many Saints He sentto help you and you are emboldened and filled with hope. On faith, and faith alone,you jump.

So today, I stand at that chasm and look at all those thathave been sent to help me lined for miles in each direction. I may soar. I mayfloat to the bottom. But no matter what, He is with me.

I jump.

I Am Ocilla is available for purchase at Amazon, Kindle Store, Barnes & Noble, Nook (coming soon), Book Depository (coming soon), and Smashwords. You can just click over to Splashdown Bookshop for more information. We have a wonderful sale going on we will tell you about below.

Also, if you would like to hear the prologue read by Diane, you may do so HERE on youtube.
The wonderful music for Diane's audio recording was provided by friend of Splashdown Books Eleon. For more of his excellent music, you can find his page on youtube right HERE.

Ryan Grabow gives us a double-backflip with a wonderful book trailer for CAFFEINE:

"Supernatural: above, beyond, in excess of nature. If the meaning of life cannot be found in nature, then I must determine if the answer lies beyond it."

Caffeine will also take part in our special sale we will tell you about below, but not just yet.

Next we have a the long awaited Sparrow-dive, similiar to a swan-dive but more awesome, from Caprice Hokstad. The e-book will be available on March 1st, with the print copy coming two short weeks later.

What should be a season of rejoicing over Duke Vahn’s newly-recovered son is overshadowed by fear of an uncertain future. Vahn’s brother, King Arx, expands the war with neighboring Ganluc, while enemies at home seek to shatter the Rebono dynasty forever. Strained relations between royal twins harden into cold suspicion and treasonous accusations while a deadly plague sweeps across the land.

As the royal bloodline is torn asunder, two races, the Elva and Itzi, discover that only together can they stop the plague and restore their unraveling kingdom.

Blood and Brine: the exciting conclusion to the Ascendancy Trilogy.

A little teaser for my upcoming release.... "Caprice is truly a master world builder. This was the firstbook in her series that I read, but within a few chapters I felt like I’d beenreading in that universe my whole life. Now that I finished I’m going back toget the first two in the series!" ~ Tim Abrose , Managing Editor, DigitalDragon Magazine

Avenir has its own music. Yes, you read right and the world you have grown to love can now be swirled with the wonderful musical talent of Eleon.

Michael L. Rogers has created a soundtrack to accompany the online multi-author shared world microfiction site Avenir Eclectia. Hear the songs, read the stories. Published in association with Splashdown Books.
Available now at Amazon in cd and mp3
And please remember you can have Avenir Eclectia delivered to you kindle for just $.99 cents each month.

Also, something very exciting is in the works which we can't tell you anything about yet, but watch this space!

Now, what you have all been waiting for: To celebrate I Am Ocilla's launch, her ebook is on sale at 4.99 for one week only. Our Kindle store is here: and Ocilla is HERE so you may take advantage of this super cool deal.

But wait! There is so much more. In addition, the Splashdown team has rallied and several more are adding to the party by selling their e-books at a discounted price.

Also for $4.99.
-Alpha Redemption by P.A. Baines
-Finding Angel by Kat Heckenbach
-Faith Awakened and Legendary Space Pilgrims by Grace Bridges

For just $2.99/ You read right...$2.99.
-CAFFEINE by Ryan Grabow
-The Duke's Handmaid and Nor Iron Bars a Cage by Caprice Hokstad. These are the first two in the trilogy and a great chance to get ready for her third.
- The Crystal Portal by Travis Perry & Mike Lynch.
- Tales of the Dim Knight by Adam & Andrea Graham
- Odd Little Miracles by Fred Warren.
- Aquasynthesis by the Splashdown Team.

Please note: if you want a format other than Kindle for any of the titles on sale, just let us know and we'll send you a voucher for Smashwords where all types of files are available, including PDF for computer reading, Epub for Nook, and many more.

Don't go anywhere yet. Tucked over in the corner, behind the seaweed, Keven Newsome, Diane M Graham and Caprice Hokstad have been up to no good. Seems they have been betting in the most ridiculous ways imaginable. All in good spirit, though. Keven and Diane have a plot bet going in which the loser will have to post a video on youtube, dancing, singing and being silly. You can see the details HERE. And Caprice stuck her foot in her mouth...Diane happily helped her cram it down a little more by holding her to it. You can read about how Caprice will channel her inner Disney right HERE. No one can ever say Splashdown Books is a boring place to work. Stay tuned for updates and a chance for all of you to join in on the fun.

As all of you have read, we are busy, busy splashing around these parts. There is never a dull moment. Can't wait until next month when we can tell you more about skirted men and Turtles.

~The Splashdown Team

**This issue was written by a Crazy-Hair Vaulter**

Saturday, January 14, 2012

News for January 2012

Kia Ora everyone! I hope you enjoyed the festive season. I for one am glad to be starting a new year that promises to be very different in more ways than one - my day job of translation will be in an office for six months, instead of working from home. But we have a whole lot of exciting stuff planned with Splashdown! There's a Kindle freebie for you today and tomorrow, so keep reading :)

2011 was a huge year for us, publishing 9 books and bringing our total to 16. Yep, it may not seem like much, but for a micro-sized team, I think it's pretty cool - and I'm grateful to everyone who helped make it possible. You can check them all out in our bookshop:

Fiction Awards Voting Time!

Despite the name, I am not affiliated in any way with the Grace Awards ;) but I'd sure love for you to vote if you enjoyed one of our books. Here's what to include, according to instructions at

- Link to your Facebook profile (or any other kind of online profile; your page must have existed before November 2011)
- Speculative Fiction: Title/Author
- Why you liked it (at least 25 words)

Send all this to You may only vote once in each category, so choose carefully!

Our eligible titles for this year's contest are:
Reality's Dawn and Reality's Ascent by R. L. Copple
The Crystal Portal by Travis Perry and Mike Lynch
Winter by Keven Newsome
Finding Angel by Kat Heckenbach (Also eligible for the YA category!)
The Seer by Fred Warren
Caffeine by Ryan Grabow

(Anthologies aren't eligible, so don't vote for those!)

There's also the Family Fiction Readers' Choice Awards, with several categories to vote in, such as best author, best novel, best NEW author, etc. You can leave categories blank if you don't have favourites. There's one for short stories so if you're fond of Aquasynthesis or Odd Little Miracles, you can put them there. And there's even a category for best video trailer (remember Winter, anyone?

To vote in this award, go here:

Preparing for an awesome year!

We have another full year of stupendous stories coming up for you, beginning very shortly with I Am Ocilla by Diane M. Graham. This young adult fantasy novel was a winner of the legendary Marcher Lord Select contest in 2009 - and guess what, she's been making it even better ever since! I bet you're going to love it.

After that comes the grand finale to Caprice Hokstad's Ascendancy Trilogy: Blood and Brine. Return with us to the kingdom of Latoph where Duke Vahn fights for his life and that of his people - in more ways than one.

And much more, of course! Details forthcoming. Science fiction, supernatural, young adult fantasy, and more sequels to books you have loved!


That's right! If you've read this far, you get to join in the fun and grab a retro tale by yours truly. Invasion is one of the first short stories I wrote as an adult, around the time I was finishing work on my first novel. Religious content is fairly strong in this one, so give it a miss if you're sensitive. Here's the link:
You don't even need a Kindle e-reader - you can view it directly in the Kindle Cloud Reader online, or download Kindle apps for PC, Mac or smartphone.
This free offer is for today and tomorrow only - Saturday and Sunday! Ends Sunday midnight, Pacific time. And - if you like it, leave me some stars!

This is the first in a series I've christened Splashdown Droplets - the bite-sized weirdness of my own short stories, possibly to be joined by other Splashdown authors in the near future. See them all here: and watch for new ones coming out.

We'll be back next month with Ocilla, more Kindle goodies, AND something else we've never done before! So stay tuned.

All the best, and happy reading, from the (rather wet) Kiwi summer!