Thursday, October 13, 2011

November News

Kia Ora!
November is an exciting month for Splashdown...New releases, new reviews, and new opportunities for you to save on quality speculative fiction. Read on!

Now Available
You loved The Muse. Fred Warren ups the ante with The Seer. Follow Stan Marino and his daughter Hannah as new threats emerge from the world of inspiration.

Stan plopped into the sofa and ran his hands through his hair. He felt so tired, but sleep was the last thing he wanted now. “Okay, let’s put everything on the table. Hannah can see the future. Her new best friend can get into other peoples’ dreams. I may or may not have Leila Starling, the Malevolent Muse of Minneapolis, playing tiddly-winks inside my head. Finally, my not-so-late wife Charity, whose secret identity I have carefully shielded for the past five years, now must be explained to Hannah. Did I leave anything out?”
“You also led an army of comatose nerds against Leila’s devil dogs in the realm of imagination.”
“Not helpful, Jilly.”
“Sorry. You asked for it.”

Available at Amazon in paperback and Amazon for Kindle, as well as the paperback at Barnes & Noble. Other retailers are taking their time to list it, but you can get Epub for Nook at Smashwords along with many other formats.

Looking for that special something to fill a virtual Christmas stocking? Check out these reviews and excerpts for our newest Splashdown offerings:

The Seer:

Finding Angel:

Sometimes you want to know more about a book than what's inside the cover.

Fred Warren:

Kat Heckenbach

Caprice Hokstad:

Coming Soon
Ryan Grabow wowed you with his short in Aquasynthesis. Soon he'll thrill you with his full-length debut novel Caffeine. Stay plugged in for the latest updates.

Avenir Eclectia Celebrates 100 Stories!
Can you believe it? Just yesterday we posted Avenir episode #100, a tale by Travis Perry in his ongoing thread. The project has been running since March at three brief stories per week, and is going to pass the milestone of 50,000 words by the time we get to #102. Our awesome designer Mike Rogers has provided a new skin for the website to celebrate, so get on over and check it out:

Special Deals
Black Friday approaches and Splashdown wants to join the festive fun.
All Splashdown ebooks will be on sale November 25, 26 and 27 for $2.99.
We'll send a reminder but plan your Christmas budget now to save a little dough for more sugar cookies.

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