Monday, September 3, 2012

Faith Awakened blog tour central

Hang on, I hear you say. That's an OLD book!
It sure is. Five years old. But the Splashdown Blog Tour is a brand new idea, so we'll be touring our older titles in between new releases. As the captain of this-here ship, it's only fair that I should lead by example. It was fun putting together all the bits and pieces for everyone, and here's where to find them...

Mariah All Alone - hosted by R. L. Copple
Geeking Out - hosted by Diane M. Graham
Testing the System - hosted by Frank Creed
The Wedding Night that Wasn't - hosted by Caprice Hokstad

A Vision of the Real and Unreal - with Travis Perry
Early days of writing, my themes and style - with Kat Heckenbach
The Splashdown basics - with Fred Warren
Indepth Interview with Greg Mitchell
The Faith Awakened Video Campaign - with Robynn Tolbert
The Music of Faith Awakened - with Keven Newsome

(Please excuse the lateness of this post. It's been kinda busy...)

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