Monday, August 29, 2011

September News

Kia Ora from New Zealand and hello from Splashdown!
Lots of goings-on this month, so let's dive right in...

Now Available
Finding Angel, the first novel by veteran author Kat Heckenbach, is here!
It's aimed at middle-graders and young adults, but fantasy-minded grown-ups will love it too.
Perfect for reading with or without kids!

Angel doesn’t remember her magical heritage…but it remembers her.
Magic and science collide when she embarks on a journey to her true home, and to herself.
Angel lives with a loving foster family, but dreams of a land that exists only in the pages of a fantasy novel. Until she meets Gregor, whose magic Talent saves her life and revives lost memories.
She follows Gregor to her homeland…a world unlike any she has imagined, where she travels a path of self-discovery that leads directly to her role in an ancient Prophecy…and to the madman who set her fate in motion.
Available at Amazon (in Kindle too). Other retailers are taking their time to list it, but you can get Epub for Nook at Smashwords along with many other formats.

New Look has a new face. Check out the new-and-improved, easier-to-navigate website. Find books faster. See what's new with your favorite authors. Handy drop-downs and a splashy backdrop are just a few of the upgrades. Drop by and dive in!

Splash Hit
Splashdown's first group anthology made a big splash at Amazon, rising to #1 in Bestselling Science Fiction and Fantasy Anthologies shortly after going public! See what all the fuss is about with stories from all the current Splashdown authors - Fred Warren, Caprice Hokstad, P.A. Baines, Adam Graham, R.L. Copple, Travis Perry, Mike Lynch, Keven Newsome, Kat Heckenbach, Grace Bridges and Ryan Grabow, with narration from Walt Staples.
Snag Aquasynthesis at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or your favourite online location.
$5.98 in print or $2.99 in e!

E-book Sale!
The Crystal Portal e-book by Travis Perry and Mike Lynch is available for $2.99 this month only. Check it out at Kindle and Smashwords!
We're also launching a cool new spin on the cover - up now in ebook formats, and coming soon to the print version:

Award Finalist
Caprice Hokstad's Nor Iron Bars a Cage finaled in the Global eBook Awards! The full list is here - look for the Speculative Fiction: Fantasy category.
Congratulations, Caprice!

In Brief
  • Keven Newsome's Winter now wears 22 five-star reviews at Amazon!
  • Next month sees the release of The Seer by Fred Warren - the long-awaited sequel to The Muse. It's a doozy, I can tell you!
  • Avenir Eclectia has passed a total of 75 mini-stories in its shared world. Why not get on board?

That's it for this time - but watch out in the weeks to come for more exciting developments!

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