Wednesday, April 6, 2011

April Update

Sci-Fi and Fantasy from New Zealand

In this issue:
April New Release
Darkwater Countdown
Avenir Eclectia
New SF Author Contracted

April New Release

And Yeshua said, "His ears will be a sign to you."
A time-travelling warrior elf on a manhunt for an evil genius. A state-of-the-art robot from New Los Angeles. And a carpenter's son from first-century Israel. Entering the Portal, they join forces with a princess of the Sapphire Monarchy to defy their power-mad adversary.
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Splashdown Darkwater
Counting down!

Have you seen the Darkwater preview book trailer? If not, be sure to catch it at The full length trailer - complete with the big reveal of the title and author to kick off our paranormal line - is due for release in under two weeks! The book itself will appear on June 1.

The Splashdown Darkwater main site with its own teaser is here:


Avenir Eclectia
Adventures in Microfiction

The Avenir Eclectia project has gotten off to a great start, with a steady flow of contributors adding to the story. Already there's a great bunch of new characters to follow on the space station and the inhospitable planet it orbits - hunters, smugglers, historians, miners, wizards, children, and more. Sign up to receive these bite-sized stories by email: a minute to read, a day to digest. Head on over to and dive into a new world!

New SF Author Contracted
Ryan Grabow with Caffeine

In 2179, a gamer is trapped by an unusual artificial intelligence, a virus looking for the meaning of its own existence.
We're thrilled to announce that Ryan has joined our team! Science fiction fans, get ready for this mind-blowing tale that will chase you through multiple virtual realities and leave you with a new angle on life. Look out for his book appearing later in the year.
Facebook page for Caffeine:

That's it for this time - watch out for the big Darkwater announcement real soon!

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