Monday, October 4, 2010

Ask a Superhero: Superpower Envy

Interviewer: Is there any superpower you'd like to have? You know, a little superpower envy.

Dave Johnson: I don't even know all the powers I have, but I'd like to have the ability to talk to animals. That would have come in handy in at least one adventure when I met up with the Loch Ness monster.

Int: In Loch Ness?

Dave: No, in a mysterious zoo.

Int.: The Loch Ness monster in a zoo? Could you tell us more?

Dave: No.

Int.: Why not?

Dave: Haven't you heard of teasing the book?

Int: You know that's an annoying answer.

Dave: But I bet you'll buy the book.

Int: Well, I'll show you, not only won't I buy your book. I'll tell ten of my friends not to buy your book.

Dave: You know you get paid off the royalties.

Int: As I was saying, be sure to buy five copies, make it six, so you can give one to each of your friends.

Dave: What if they don't have six friends?

Int: This is a great present to make peace by bringing a smile to the face of your worst enemy.

*Dave grabs a pencil.”

Dave: I hope Marco will like it.

Int: E-mail your questions for Dave to Then follow his story every Tuesday at Laser and Sword Magazine. Tales of the Dim Knight is set for release November 22nd, but you can sample the first four chapters for free in our ebook.

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