Friday, April 3, 2009

Don't Give Up Your Day Job

Writing gets me jazzed, but the "day job" buys the groceries, so I find myself constantly making shifts, adjustments, and compromises to deconflict between the two. You'd think it would be as simple as work daytime, write nighttime, but my job involves both odd hours and travel, so it's hard to get into the steady rhythm that all the writing books advocate. So, it's more catch-as-catch-can. I try to do some kind of writing every day, but I usually have to seize the opportunity as it arises.

For example, I'm in Florida this week (which sounds really fun until you factor in non-stop thundershowers and tornado warnings), and I'm working 12-hour shifts, 8am to 8pm. I take a steno pad with me and write on breaks or when things are slow. I transfer what I have to the computer at night, plus check e-mail, blog, etc. It works out.

It's not so bad for writing short stories, but it's harder to map out an extended period of time to do something that takes more intense focus, like editing/rewrite on The Muse. Fortunately, I'm in a lull right now between feedback from my readers, so I can let that rest for a few days, then attack it again with fresh eyes once I get back home.

The good news is that I think I'm pretty close to a final product. There are a couple of minor tweaks I need to make yet, but barring some catastrophic revelation via my last reader, I think I'm about finished, subject to any adjustments Grace requests.

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