Monday, February 23, 2009

What's your line of work?

Since Thursday I've been answering that question like this: "I'm a publisher." It's quite electrifying. While I haven't actually published anything yet - at least not under the name of Splashdown Books - I have now shifted the focus of my full-time attention to the necessary preparations to do so.

I suppose I could be called a "voluntary" publisher, since it's not making any money. My bills get paid by doing one day a week of largely boring translations of German technical manuals. So if you look at the proportions of my time, oh yeah, I'm definitely a publisher as of last week.

Days on the job so far: Three. I've been delving into the maze of printers and distributors and online shopping carts and ISBNs. I'm also very happy to report that the author I made an offer to last week has given his approval to a business partnership. That will all be announced in due course, after we've nailed a contract.

Also check out the new blog for Splashdown Reviews. I get to read a lot of new sci-fi and fantasy novels in my line of work, and often write reviews of them. So it makes sense to gather those reviews and post them since they're eminently related to this other stuff I'm doing. The link is at the top right - whoops, I better go and post something there!


  1. Cool! Moving right along. Got your first book in three days AMAZING! God is soooo good.
    Hey! I want to be a follower of this site, can't see where I can get on with my pic etc. I signed up at the top of the web. Let me know. Keep up the good work Grace. I love everything you are doing and I know it will be great for you in the future.


  2. Congrats on the new business. I wish you success.